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  1. derek says:

    I have got mar 2015 magazine & in side there is a pic of the blazing blazer you have put is currently enjoying a return please can you tell me when it wull be makeing a come back please can you let me know from derek newman

  2. Hi!

    We are looking to build replicas of actual NASCAR tracks where RC cars will go around the track in the same amount of time that real NASCARs go around full size tracks. Obviously we need perfect gearing matched with perfect speed and scale. We plan on putting live video cameras in the RC cars. We want the user experience to feel like they are driving a real NASCAR. Can you point us in the direction of how we could best accomplish this? Like what scale? Nitro or electric? What gearing?



    • Matt says:

      Hi Rob

      Many thanks for the message. Whilst this is something that is really difficult to answer in detail, we would recommend using a 1:10-scale electric-powered chassis as the main components are easy to source like bodies and electrics. For gearing this would depend on the spec of the electric motor as well as the size of the track.

      Hope this helps

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