FTX On The Rampage


Super-10 scale sizing makes the Rampage in a league of its own. Never before have you been  able to purchase an off road buggy that says 1:10 on the box, but in reality is anything but. This is a 1:10 on steroids with performance to boot. Super-size styling means you can take the Rampage anywhere. Its 17mm hex 1:8 size wheels and tyres, .18-size engine, modular chassis design and internal roll cage make the Rampage a cut above the rest.



  • Width:  320 mm
  • Height: 201 mm
  • Length: 462 mm
  • Wheelbase: 305 mm
  • Tyre size: 110 x 43mm
  • Engine: .18 Pull Start



  • Awesome 1/10th Supersize Styling
  • 4WD Drive System
  • Powerful 18CXP Engine With Three Speed Needles and Slide Carburettor
  • Waterproof Dustproof Sealed Gearbox
  • Front and Rear CVA Driveshafts
  • Fast access Receiver And Battery compartments
  • 3 Differentials With Four Bevel Gears
  • Blue Anodised 6061T Chassis
  • Adjustable Threaded Long Oil-Filled Shock Absorbers
  • Integrated Roll cage And Carry Handle
  • Sealed Precision Ball races
  • Front and Rear anti roll bars
  • Modular chassis and top section design
  • 1:8 size wheels and tyres
  • Pliable durable suspension mouldings


Source: CML Distribution

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