2009 IFMAR 1:8 On-Road World Championships DVD From Ray Wood


Watch 120 minutes of on road racing from the largest RC track in the world, Lostallo Switzerland. Bertin, Collari, Pietch, Swauger, Fantini, Christiani, if you were a 8th “Great” then you were there. Seven days covered and beautiful scenery as well, racing of the highest calibre with multi camera coverage of the Main Final, all 60 minutes of it. Also New Super Slow Motion Cam used for some amazing footage. All in Widescreen viewing. Ray Wood also still stocks the 2001, 2003, 2005 and 2007 1:8 On-Road Worlds DVD at cheap prices.

This now makes 27 fantastic DVD’s in the Ray Wood RC Videos catalogue, the world best drivers and events that shape our sports history, all multi-cam recorded for the world to enjoy. Watch the Previews now at www.raywoodrcvideos.com

RWP056     2009 IFMAR 1:8 On Road World Championships DVD


Source: Ray Wood RC Videos

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