Dremel 4000 Multi-Tool


December sees the introduction of the most highly powered multi-tool on the market – the Dremel 4000.

Capable of handling a very broad range of projects with increased ease, its 175 watt motor and unique new attachments make it the most powerful and versatile rotary tool ever launched by Dremel. It replaces the current 400 Series Digital.

The Dremel 4000 has full variable speed control of between 5,000 – 35,000 rpm giving it the widest speed range. There is a separate on/off switch with integrated collet lock-out function, so there is no accidental activation of the collet lock. There is a new nose cap that is specifically designed for better pencil grip, a hanger ball, plus superb ergonomics and soft grip for better handling.


Electronic feedback control offers consistent power, as it senses workloads and adjusts to maintain tool speed. Replaceable motor brushes extend motor life and a larger fan motor keeps the tool cool.

Compared to the current 400 Series Digital, the new Dremel 4000 has no less than six major benefits. The power has been increased by a massive 25% from 140 watts to 175 watts. There are improved ergonomics. Two unique attachments have been introduced – the Shaping Platform and the Detailer’s Grip – whilst the exchangeable nose cap also makes its first appearance. On the old 400 Series Digital, there were +/- buttons which have been replaced by a precision dial on the new 4000 multi-tool.


The Shaping Platform is for precise sanding, and for sanding at a 45 degree and 90 degree angle. The Detailer’s Grip enables the addition of a pistol grip for added control when, for example, etching into wooden signs or glass decorations, polishing silverware or brass knobs, sanding dado rails in tight corners and shaping wooden chair backs.

Kit One, the Dremel 4000-1/45 will comprise the Dremel 4000 multi-tool, a Flexshaft, 45 accessories (including a SpeedClic starter set), a welcome poster, the instruction manual, instruction sheet attachments, a carrying bag and a carton box.


Kit Two, the Dremel 4000-4/65 will comprise the Dremel 4000, the new extra pencil grip nose cap, the Flexshaft, a Line & Circle Cutter including bits, the new Shaping Platform, the new Detailer’s Grip, 65 accessories including SpeedClic starter set, a welcome poster, an instruction manual, instruction sheet attachments, a plastic carrying case and a carton box.

Ideal for carving, engraving, routing, grinding, sanding, cutting, cleaning, polishing and more – the Dremel 4000 is compatible with all 150 Dremel attachments and accessories, and will satisfy even the most demanding of craftsmen.

The Dremel 4000 will be available from B&Q and online at http://www.dremel-direct.com or http://www.tool-shop.co.uk

The 4000-1/45 is keenly priced at £89.99 (SRP) and the 4000-4/65 at £109.99 (SRP).


Source: Dremel

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