LRP Micro Products

Special micro products from LRP for your micro RC car giving big power and performance.


Specially developed for 1:18 micro, the race-packs offer you the best performance for longest runtime.


  • 75630     LRP HV² VTEC 1600UP 7.2V Race Stickpack
  • 75637     LRP HV² VTEC 1600UP 8.4V Race Hump Pack



LRP releases the next generation of LiPo batteries. Specially developed for extreme power delivery and longest runtime. Enjoy the ease of use and performance benefits of this technology, for your micro model now. Featured in a transparent hardcase to see the mechanical condition and trick look.

  • 79821    LRP VTEC LiPo Car battery 1800 28C – 7.4V
    79831    LRP VTEC LiPo Car battery 1300 28C – 11.1V



With its 370 size this brushless motor offers extreme power performance in a small size – 49.680RPM and 6.900 kv/7T. Fits all SHARK-18 and S.18-models.

  • 50240    Vector Micro Brushless Modified 370 – 6 Turns
    50250    Vector Micro Brushless Modified 370 – 7 Turns
    50260    Vector Micro Brushless Modified 370 – 8 Turns


LRP presents the next step of brushless technology – the Nexxt 4X Sensorless System. The revolutionary LRP software provides sensored driveability even without hall sensors. The new LRP Nexxt 4X is a super lightweight sensorless brushless and brushed speedo.

  • 86500    LRP NEXXT 4X




Fully rebuildable 370 type motor design, same configuration as a “big” 540 type motors. This Micro Modified motor combines all features current 1:10 Modified motors are equipped with – featuring high-end materials as well.

  • 52010    Fusion “2009” Micro Modified 370 – High Speed
    52015    Fusion “2009” Micro Modified 370 – High Torque



The little brother in the A.I.-Family. The exclusive LRP A.I.-Technology = no manual set-up required at all. Just plug in and drive! No more incorrectly set-up speed controllers.

  • 84051    Quantum Micro Reverse A.I. Digital


Source: LRP


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