LRP Truck Puller Reverse Speed Control


With the Truck Brushless Reverse speedo LRP offers high-performance brushless technology for all functional scale models. Highest performance, reliability and precise handling promise a lot of driving fun.

This power package out of the “Blue Is Better” factory, feels at home on any terrain. Special Truck profiles offer super smooth and easy controllability on any surface. Due to its numerous setting possibilities this special speed control can be used in all functional scale models. Sensitive controllability meets amazing torque!


  • No Reverse Delay: Instant power delivery in both forward and reverse when needed
  • Drive Selection & Motor Rotation: Due to the adjustable brake and reverse motor rotation direction this speedo perfectly fits all applications and models
  • 4 Unique Truck Throttle Profiles: Special speed control for all trucks and functional scale models with silky smooth handling
  • AutoCell System: NiMH/NiCd-LiPo automatic adaptation
  • External Control Cable: For optional control of add-on modules such as light or sound
  • Automatic Brushless / Brushed Adaption: detects the connected motor type during turn-on/initialisation and adjusts the correct brushless or brushed operation automatically

83330      Truck Puller Reverse Speed Control


Source: LRP

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