Plastidip Products For RC Racers


Plastidip UK have contacted us regarding their versatile product range as Plastidip is ideal for the repair and modification of RC vehicles. Plastidip is an air dried liquid coating that can be applied to RC components to waterproof or insulate. The products are heat resistant and flexible, which makes them uniquely suited to electrical insulation and corrosion protection. The links below show how previous customers used Plastidip for their various RC projects.


The photo shows a speed controller from a radio controlled race car. The ‘T’ joint is a very difficult item to insulate neatly. Plastidip is the perfect solution.

If you have questions or want more detailed information about our product range and prices, please contact Plastidip on 0044 (0)1730 823 123, or check out their website at


Source: Plastidip

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