Trakpower Dark Series 7.4V LiPo Batteries




The TrakPower Dark Series LiPos are the next generation in ultra high discharge 1:10 scale race packs. Packing the most punch ever seen – up to a whopping 80C burst capability, TrakPower Lipo batteries are available in an entry-level 3600mAh 35C pack, as well as a 5000mAh 40C pack and 4650mAh saddle pack. Designed for electric vehicles, these hard-case packs feature 4mm female bullets on the discharge and a 2mm female balancing tap and they are ROAR approved.

  • FPWC0090     TrakPower Dark Series 3600 7.4V 35C LiPo Pack     Retail: $129.99     Street: $89.99
  • FPWC0094     TrakPower Dark Series 4650 7.4V 35C LiPo Saddle Pack     Retail: $159.99     Street: $109.99
  • FPWC0104     TrakPower Dark Series 5000 7.4V 40C LiPo Pack     Retail: $179.99     Street: $119.99


Source: Flight Power Batteries


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