Xray 808 2010 Spec.


Xray brings the refined and improved 808 platform into the 2010 racing season supported by Xray’s legendary dedication, passion and heritage of performance along with reliability. Based on the successful 808 platform, the new 2010-spec 808 was updated to make the buggy more durable to withstand long main events while boosting performance in all racing conditions. With Xray’s dedication to small details and long-term extensive testing and feedback from Team Xray drivers around the world, the 2010 Spec 808 has been improved in every way.


With the 2009 Car of the Year award, Viewers Choice award, and countless wins and victories at racetracks around the world, Xray presents the new and improved 2010 Spec 808.

2010 Xray 808 New Specs:

  • New longer, hard-anodised Swiss 7075 T6 aluminium chassis
  • Longer chassis results in increased stability and improved handling
  • Redesigned weight balance ensures improved jumping and rough track handling
  • Refined stability makes the car easier to drive
  • Wider rear chassis increases side-to-side stability
  • New longer rear drive shaft
  • New graphite radio plate
  • New radio box position
  • New front & rear diff bulkheads with Labyrinth Dust Coversâ„¢
  • New front & rear diff cases with larger more durable 13×20 bearings
  • New larger diff bearing collars
  • New brake discs
  • Larger more durable front, middle & rear diff bearings


Xray 808 Specs:

  • Premium high-competition off-road buggy
  • Efficient Zero Kingpin suspension
  • Lightweight & strong moulded steering blocks with moulded-in steel bushings
  • Well-proven 808 suspension parts and geometry
  • Ultra-low CG, all parts centralised in chassis
  • Optimised front/rear and left/right weight balance for perfect jumping
  • Pure racing design, highest performance ultra-durable parts
  • Ultra-lightweight high-tensile transmission parts hand-made from special world-renowned top-secret self-developed HUDY Spring Steelâ„¢
  • Drivetrain includes 22 high-speed rubber-sealed bearings for maximum efficiency and speed
  • Ultra-precision front/rear and centre diffs with HUDY Spring Steelâ„¢ outdrives
  • Pinions, spurs, crown gears and clutch bell manufactured by HUDY
  • Optimised multiple upper/lower shock mounting locations for front and rear
  • Steel brake disks for ultra-efficient, fade-free braking
  • High-grip Ferodo® brake pads
  • Exclusive adjustable turnbuckles from HUDY Spring Steelâ„¢
  • Tiny steering blocks with moulded-in steel bushings and ultra-light caster blocks
  • Flexible suspension holders with integrated preset optimal suspension geometry
  • High tensile Swiss 7075 T6 hard-anodised chassis
  • Ultra-strong inboard & outboard suspension pivot pins
  • Direct Shaft Connectionâ„¢ to the pinion gear
  • Front & rear anti-roll bars
  • Centralised engine positioning
  • Narrow servo saver and steering system
  • Ultra-short graphite steering plate
  • Front & rear flexible composite brace
  • Gearboxes with Labyrinth Dust Coversâ„¢
  • Clutch bell with oversized ball-bearings
  • Premium-grade graphite shock towers: 4mm extra-thick front. 3.5mm rear
  • Big-bore oversized shocks for excellent handling on bumpy tracks and big jumps
  • Threaded big-bore hard-anodised shock bodies
  • Protective rubber folding shock boots for big-bore shocks, front & rear
  • Super-low profile foam air filter with redesigned rubber elbow
  • Larger capacity fuel tank with capacity-adjustment segments
  • Fuel line holders mounted directly on fuel tank
  • Fuel tank pressure cap with 1-piece profiled seal for perfect fitment
  • Reinforced composite ball joints
  • Ultra-low Xray racing body
  • Xray Premium Shock Oils for perfect consistency
  • A winner’s pedigree & DNA – European Champion, countless National and Championship titles, Multiple Car-of-the-Year awards


#350005 Xray 808 – 2010 Spec Luxury 1:8 Nitro Off-Road Buggy


Source: Team Xray


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