Dynamite 12RE Platinum Off-Road Engine


The Dynamite 12RE Platinum Off-Road Engine is an ideal replacement for the smaller powerplants found in many 1:10 sized nitro vehicles. Coming complete with a two needle rotary carburettor, the 12RE is a high quality, performance engine at an affordable price.

Engine Features

  • 3 + 1 port ABC piston and sleeve made from high quality materials for increased power
  • Knife-edged connecting rod and dual bushings for higher rpm’s and less disruption of fuel atomisation
  • 9-fin aluminium heat sink head for maximum cooling in a lightweight design
  • 5.5mm 2-needle rotary carburettor for smooth power delivery
  • 10mm crankshaft fits most popular vehicles
  • Black oxide engine case

Engine Specification

  • Type: 2-Stroke
  • Displacement: .12
  • Bore: 13.85mm
  • Stroke: 14.00mm
  • RPM Range: 32,000
  • HP: 1.1
  • Cylinder Type: ABC
  • Number of Ports: 3
  • Carb Type: 2 Needle Rotary
  • Crank Type: Standard

DYNP5200    Dynamite 12RE Platinum Engine, Off-Road, Rotary Carb.    RRP £89.99


Source: Horizon Hobby UK

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