Get Ready For The New RC4 Standard


After years of research and development MyLaps are proud to introduce the new MyLaps RC4 platform for RC timing and data services.

The MyLaps RC4 platform has the following elements:

  • An enriched communication protocol: The standard on which we develop all new RC products and services
  • A new series of transponders for drivers: smaller, lighter, better, based on a complete redesign
  • A new timing system for clubs and organisations
  • A brand new communcation protocol: RC4

The MyLaps RC4 platform is based upon an entirely new communication protocol for sending over data from the transponder to the timing system installed at the track. The current MyLaps RC3 (previously known as AMBrc) protocol only allows a transponder to send over the unique transponder ID. With the new RC4 protocol, the transponder is able to send more data with your results, like ambient transponder temperature and voltage supply. The RC4 Hybrid transponder will work on older versions of the AMB decoders. However, the new available data will only be available on the RC4 Decoder.

In February 2010 a free firmware update will be available for RC3 Decoders to enable the RC4 protocol. MyLaps also have an attractive trade-in deal for your old AMB20 and RC2 Decoder for a brand new one RC4-ready RC3 Decoder. Go to the RC section of the MyLaps website to learn more about the trade-in deals.


Customer feedback

Customers already commented on the first previews very positively.

There is a lot of positive feedback about the wire: the fact that the wire is of much better quality (PTFE) and is racing fuel resistant is well received. Although it’s not completely replaceable, it is possible to replace broken wires with the ability to keep the same transponder number, for 50% of the new price.

The announcement of the RC4 Car ID Transponders that will become available from February 2010 onwards, was well received.

The fact that the new RC4 Hybrid Transponder works on all existing decoder types is seen as a great benefit. Of course our existing AMBrc transponders (MyLaps RC2) will work on the new RC4 Decoders that will become available in February 2010 by means of a free firmware update for RC3 Decoders.

Since the additional data services use the new RC4 protocol, they are only available on RC4 decoder, since they support that protocol. The RC4 Hybrid and all future RC4 transponders versions work on RC4 decoders. That’s why the new RC4 Hybrid Transponder is a great way to get ready.

How can you get ready?

Order the new RC4 Hybrid transponders and decoders now and benefit from the great introduction offers. Go to the MyLaps website or contact your sales representative to order the new transponder.

Delivery new RC4 transponders and decoders

MyLaps have had a tremendous response to the launch of the new MyLaps RC4 transponder and decoder. As a result our initial limited introduction stock has already sold out. Order now, benefit from the pre-order prices and make sure you will get your transponders soon.

Transponder orders will be delivered in buckets of maximum 50 pieces per reseller or club per months as off end of January 2010. If you want to get more than 50 pieces delivered per month there is a rush delivery process: a charge of 20% of the order value and delivery subject to confirmation. RC3 decoders orders will be delivered around the end of January 2010. Orders will be delivered based on receiving of payments

If you have any questions regarding availability or shipment dates of orders please contact your MyLaps sales representative.

Source: MyLaps

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