Hong Nor Success At DaZhan Cup


Last weekend DaZhan Cup was held on Dec. 6th in KaoHsiung, major city in Southern Taiwan. There were over 60 drivers at the race and Hong Nor is very proud that their team drivers TQ’d and won both classes: 1:8 Electric buggy and 1:10 Short Course electric truck.


1:8 Electric Buggy A-Main

  • TQ/A1 Liu, Sheng Zhang X2-CR-E
  • A2 Zen, Guo Xiu X2-CR-E
  • A3 Da Bing D8-E


1:10 SC Electric Truck

  • TQ/A1 Yang, Zong Jie HN SCRT10
  • A2 Yeh, Xia Qing HN SCRT10
  • A3 Xu, Xin Jie HN SCRT10


Source: Hong Nor



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