Nosram VTEC LiPo RX & TX packs

Experience the advantages of LiPo technology, now also available as transmitter and receiver packs from Nosram. VTEC continues to offer everything a racer needs to win, no more empty receiver packs or dying transmitters while racing. In development with the VTEC engineers, Nosram now offers high-performance LiPo batteries specially designed to perfectly fit into the most popular cars and transmitters on the RC market today.


#99986 Nosram LiPo 1700 7.4V

  • 2S1P RX only
  • LxWxH: 53×30.5×20.5mm
  • Style: AAA Hump
  • Weight¹: 60g


#99987     Nosram LiPo 2400 7.4V

  • 2S1P RX only
  • LxWxH: 83.5×30.5x17mm
  • Style: 2/3A Straight
  • Weight¹: 86g


#99988     Nosram LiPo 2500 7.4V

  • 2S2P RX only
  • LxWxH: 53.5x31x29mm
  • Style: 2/3A Hump
  • Weight¹: 91g


#99982     Nosram LiPo 1700 11.1V

  • 3S1P TX only
  • LxWxH: 102.5×54.5x16mm
  • Style: Sanwa M11/MX-3, Futaba 3PK
  • Weight¹: 192g

¹ Nominal weight, subject to production tolerances.

Source: Nosram

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