Novak Build-A-Ballistic Program




Novak is offering drivers the opportunity to customise their own Ballistic motor with Novak’s new Build-A-Ballisticâ„¢ program. Because of the Ballistic Brushless Motor’s ingenious rebuildable design, drivers can choose among dozens of options to create their very own personalized Ballistic Brushless Motor. The benefits are obvious! Only through Novak’s Build-A-Ballisticâ„¢ program can racers pick-and-choose among thousands of replaceable-part combinations to create their own perfect motor.

Novak offers five customisable options:

  • Specialised, hand-wound stators (16 choices)
  • Premium bearings (2 choices)
  • Superior-quality sintered rotors (3 choices)
  • Different-coloured motor sleeves (5 choices)
  • Multiple length harnesses (3 choices)

To ensure the highest quality, each Build-A-Ballisticâ„¢ motor is built by Novak motor-assembly experts. Each motor is custom built, individually timed – based on your chosen wind – passes numerous stringent brushless motor tests and includes a 120-day warranty. To top it off, these precisely constructed motors only take up to 10 business days to complete.


In addition to all of the optional upgrades, the Ballistic motors boast sophisticated technology that tops previously available brushless motors. For example, these next-generation motors contain a new, easy-to-adjust timing assembly, heavy-duty solder tabs, interchangeable wound stator construction, a removable shielded sensor harness and Thermal Overload. All of the Ballistic motors are also compatible with most racing brushless sensored speed control.

Novak’s Build-A-Ballisticâ„¢ motors are now available. For more information or to order, visit Novak’s online store by CLICKING HERE


Source: Team Novak

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