X-Factory UK Trinity Fluids Preview

This is the fifth of our in depth looks at the Trinity and Team Epic ranges of products, this preview features the entire listing of fluids from Trinity.


We have already covered much of what Trinity is best known for, but there are several more hidden gems for us to reveal from within their vast range, several of which are within their range of fluids. Whether it is tyre additive or shock oil, bearing lube or body cleaner, Trinity have most angles covered with some of the best solutions available today, many of which are now at lower prices than ever seen in the UK before too.

Tyre Additives, Conditioners and Cleaners

Trinity’s range of tyre tractions and related products is one of the largest, with an additive for all occasions, surfaces and tyre types. Including popular products such as Tyre Tweak 2000 and Zip Grip Free the range is impressive, all at lower prices than previously sold in the UK.


image004 image005 image006


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  • TRI4062 – Death Grip Foam (high traction additive for foam tyres on carpet) – UK RRP £6.59
  • TRI4063 – Death Grip Rubber (high traction additive for rubber tyres outside) – UK RRP £6.59
  • TRI4064 – Death Grip Cleaner (yyre softener and cleaner) – UK RRP £5.79
  • TRI4066 – Death Grip Combo Pack (tyre cleaner and rubber traction) – UK RRP £10.89
  • TRI6016 – Red Dot (high traction additive for outdoors) – UK RRP £5.79
  • TRI6683 – Zip Grip Free (high traction additive for indoors with almost NO wintergreen smell) – UK RRP £5.79
  • TRI6684 – Tyre Tweak 2000 (tyre softener and conditioner) – UK RRP £5.79
  • TRI6687 – Zip Grip 2 (medium traction additive for indoors – contains wintergreen) – UK RRP £5.79
  • TRIK2003 – Team Kinwald – Buggy Grip 2 (high traction spray additive for off road tyres) – UK RRP £5.79


Bearing and Bushing Oils

There is also a range of bearing and bushing oils to suit all types of bearings including motor bearings, wheel bearings and even stock motor bronze bushings.


image013 image014 image015
  • TRI4025 – Modified Bearing Oil – UK RRP £4.75
  • TRI4026 – Stock Motor Bushing Oil – UK RRP £4.75
  • TRI4051 – Royal Oil – Super Lightweight Bearing Oil – UK RRP £4.75

Silicone Shock Absorber Oil

Trinity’s range of shock oil has often been regarded as one of the very best in the world. They only use the highest grade 100% silicone oil, which ensures it stays constant even during hot or cold weather (unlike some cheaper brands), the range of weights available is the largest in the business with 19 to choose from ranging from 10wt to 100wt. The range also includes the half weights for precise shock absorber adjustments, something that Trinity were first to introduce many years ago.


  • TRI7610 to 76100 – Pure Silicone Shock Absorber Oil – UK RRP £3.59
  • (Available in 10wt, 15wt, 20wt, 25wt, 27.5wt, 30wt, 32.5wt, 35wt, 37.5wt, 40wt, 42.5wt, 45wt, 50wt, 55wt, 60wt, 70wt, 80wt, 90wt, and 100wt)

Miscellaneous Fluids, Cleaners and Lubricants

There are several other liquids that Trinity offer too including the following.

image017 image018

TRI4024 – Turbo Drops (brushed motor power drops) – UK RRP £3.65

TRI4052 – Black Death (brushed motor power drops) – UK RRP £4.75


TRI4456 – Nitro Terminator (pump action nitro car cleaner spray) – UK RRP £5.99


TRI6077 – Body Blast (bodyshell cleaner and polisher – aerosol can) – UK RRP £4.35

TRI6077UK – Body Blast (bodyshell cleaner and polisher – liquid version) – UK RRP £4.35


TRI8104 – After Burn (nitro engine after run oil) – UK RRP £4.49

The full range of Trinity Fluids is now available to view online and in detail on X-Factory UK’s website at the source link below.

The final product preview coming soon will feature the ranges of General Accessories and Apparel, including tyre inserts, tools, parts boxes, optional tuning parts, hauler bags, car stands, tool holders and much more, all again from Trinity.


Source: X-Factory UK

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