First Look and New Video: LRP S8 BXe Premium RTR Electric


Have a first look at this revolutionary new Premium Electric RTR that convinces with outstanding handling and electric brushless technology!

Equipped with the genes of his nitro brother, the LRP S8 BXe Premium RTR impresses with incredible stability, sensational power performance and precise handling directly out-of-the-box. Due to its electric heart with its incomparable power at start, its nitro version can do nothing but stand on the side and be amazed.


Next to the unbelievable power what impresses also the sensational handling. Through a configuration of high quality components (batteries, speedo, motor, servo) a perfect weight distribution is achieved. The result is perfect balance at jumps as well as a stunning handling performance even at the most difficult corners and chicanes. Be amazed by the S8 BXe!


Forget Horsepower-High-Voltage rules!

The Premium RTR on the race track
In the brand new video the LRP S8 BXe RTR shows its strengths,incomparable agility,highest cornering speed and unbelievable electric power. With its racing genes from the S8 BX and unique appearance this package promises breathtaking action.
Enjoy high-performance with premium quality equipment. With the new Electric RC Premium RTR Buggy from the “Blue is Better” company the 2010 season promises to be very exciting! Let’s look forward to it!


See theS8 BXe Premium RTR in action! Check out the video by CLICKING HERE!

S8 BXe Electric Buggy Features

The S8 BXe Premium RTR is featured with the same design platform as the high-performance S8 BXe Team car. The pure core of this Premium RTR package is the all new LRP 1:8 Brushless System, the highest performance brushless system, straight out of the box.
The VECTOR8 Brushless Modified motor is based on the revolutionary XTEC X12-technology that at the last IFMAR World Championship was extremely successful by winning with the XTEC X12 motor. The SPX8 speed control controls the new power plant. Based on the SPHERE Competition TC-spec platform – one of the best and most successful brushless competition speedos in the world. Due to that, it’s no surprise the new 1:8 electric brushless system took a dominating win at its first big international race, the Neo09.


But don’t miss out on all of the other great features of the S8 BXe Premium RTR car. A robust 3mm 6061 T6 anodized aluminium chassis and aluminium tuning shock towers taken over from the nitro-version. In addition to this the S8 BXe RTR features the LRP factory team tested 17.5 Big Bore shocks and VTEC 1:8 Buggy Competition tyres and much more.


Prepared for the use with two 7.4V LiPo batteries, the S8 BXe guarantees absolute driving fun. And for the absolute race fan, there’s still the possibility to update the S8 BXe RTR with all the tuning parts available for the Team Kit.


Prepared for the use with two 7.4V LiPo batteries, standard size.

Heavy-Duty 3mm 6061 T6 anodised aluminium chassis. Countersunk screws on the chassis.

Exclusive active anti-squat suspension design for improved shock absorbing and driving characteristics. Exactly the same high-quality plastic parts that are used in the S8 BXe Team Kit.


High-performance competition electric brushless motor and speed control. VECTOR8 and SPX8.


Extremely tough and LRP Factory Team tested 17.5mm big bore shocks. Heavy-duty 3.5mm shock shafts.


Bullet proof 4mm front and rear 6061 T6 aluminium tuning shock towers, blue anodised.


Exactly the same design as the successful S8 BXe Team forms the basis of this S8 BXe Premium RTR model. In addition this package offers all the successful and race-proven technology which is needed for a successful start right out-of-the-box!


Battery tray including splash water protected receiver box.

Pre-mounted RTR-set from LRP includes following components:

  • LRP C3-STX Pro 27MHz FM transmitter with LED display and model memory
  • LRP VECTOR8 Brushless Modified Electric Motor
  • Ultra strong 9kg, metal-gears, ball-bearing, high-quality servo
  • LRP SPX8 Brushless Modified Speed Control
  • Ball bearings throughout
  • LRP C3-RX receiver
  • Pre-painted and decalled body in airbrush design + high-downforce wing
  • VTEC Kamikaze 1:8 Buggy Competition Tyres
  • 130300 LRP S8 BXe Premium RTR

Available from end of January 2010


Source: LRP

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