Hard Nylon Composite Suspension Parts For Serpent 733

Serpent now offers as optional parts for the 733 wishbones in an extra stiff and extremely durable composite nylon.

The parts have less flex than the standard parts and under very high grip conditions as well as under very high temperatures the parts will perform best. In many cases the standard nylon parts, with more flex, may perform better. As always, it all depends greatly on overall set-up of the Serpent 733 and driving style as well.

Parts are marked with an H (Hard) for easier identification and are available as separate parts or as full set. These new parts will be available mid-to-late January 2010.


804206 Serpent 733 Wishbone Rear LW L+R Hard


804207 Serpent 733 Wishbone Front LW L+R Hard


804208 Serpent 733 Wishbone Front Upper L+R Hard


804209 Serpent 733 Suspension Set Nylon (6) Hard


Source: Serpent


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