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To complement a RC segment that emphasises low racing expenses, Novak introduces the economical, easy-to-use Havoc 1S/SS Pro Brushless Systems – 10.5T, 13.5T & 17.5T. Drivers can now ditch the pricey two-cell and above LiPo packs, and sport the first speed control with specialised internal Novak Smart Boostâ„¢ circuitry. This innovative technology allows drivers to power their vehicle’s electronics on a single 1S LiPo battery pack without installing additional external boosters or receiver packs. The ingenious Havoc Sport 1S Brushless/Brush ESC (NE1731), which is also available individually, simplifies installation and operation, cuts down on vehicle maintenance, and, most importantly, ensures that your vehicle’s electronics are powered properly. This ESC is ideal for beginners and local, club-level racers, and will excel in the Oval, World GT and 1:12 racing segments.

The Havoc 1S ESC has also been combined with Novak’s tried-and-true SS Pro Brushless Motors. These popular sensored, spec motors offer a world-class racing experience at an affordable price. The SS Pro motors are ROAR-approved, and feature a nickel-plated sintered Neodymium rotor, a shielded sensor cable, colour-coded timing rings and a rebuildable design.

In addition to Novak’s embedded Smart Boostâ„¢ technology, the Havoc 1S offers a simple interface, making the ESC completely programmable with a vast number of customisation opportunities. One parameter, in particular, is Novak’s Throttle Curve that gives drivers the ability to experiment with two throttle responses that range between a quick burst of power to a smoother, more controlled low-end power delivery. In addition, the Havoc’s Brake Frequency adjustment contains seven degrees of adjustability from a smooth and controllable brake to a more abrupt and grabbier feel. Moreover, Novak has also built into the ESC a 1S LiPo Cut-Off Circuitry feature, which prevents the battery from going below the critical safety voltage level. For further racing opportunities, Novak installed a Reverse Disable feature to turn the Havoc 1S into a forward-only brushless system for club-level racing.

The Havoc 1S also includes a Novak Glitch Buster Capacitor to eliminate noise generated from the servos.

Motor Compatibility

The Havoc 1S ESC and SS Pro motors contain Thermal Overload Protection circuitry to protect the system from overheating and damage. In fact, the ESC will only operate with brushless motors that have built-in thermal protection that follow ROAR guidelines, such as Novak’s new Ballistic Brushless Motors (NE3603-NE3621). This sophisticated feature ensures a fun day at the track without the worry of overheating.

Havoc 1S/SS Pro Brushless System Features:

  • Fully programmable, user-friendly interface with nine adjustable parameters: Minimum Brake (10 settings from 0-27%), Drag Brake (10 settings from 0-27%), Dead Band (5 settings from 2-6%), Minimum Drive (5 settings from 1-5%), Throttle Curve (Linear and Expo), Brake Frequency (7 settings from 1-8 kHz), Reverse, Motor Rotation and Li-Po Cut-Off via Novak’s One-Touchâ„¢ button
  • Novak’s One-Touch Set-Upâ„¢ for quick, easy transmitter setup
  • Novak’s Smart Braking IIâ„¢ enables users to ‘shift’ from forward to reverse
  • Water-resistant case with gasket seal
  • Sensor-based for excellent braking and low-speed driveability
  • Nickel-plated, high-strength sintered rotor for increased motor acceleration, improved initial throttle response, improved performance in high-temperature conditions and natural drag brake
  • Oversized front bearing [1/2″ x 3/16″ (12.7 x 4.8mm)] for increased load handling and bearing life
  • Auto Detect Brushed Motor Mode
  • Locked Rotor Detection and Thermal Overload Protection
  • ROAR and IFMAR approved

NE3070   Novak Havoc 1S/SS Pro 10.5 Brushless System   RRP £174.24

NE3071   Novak Havoc 1S/SS Pro 13.5 Brushless System   RRP £174.24

NE3072   NovakHavoc 1S/SS Pro 17.5 Brushless System   RRP £174.24


Source: CML Distribution

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