Parma EE1 1:12 Race Body


Parma have introduced the EE1, a new, well balanced, great handling 1:12 scale race body. While it meets the new EFRA/BRCA/ROAR rule requirements, the EE1 exceeds all of Parma’s past racing bodies in realism and performance. This body combines a high level of steering and high speed stability for great car control…The Best of Both Worlds. This .030″ lightweight body comes complete with a window/headlight paint masks and is available from Horizon Hobby UK now.

  • 10207 Parma 1:12 EE1 Body (0.030inch) Standard Weight RRP £13.25
  • 10207L Parma 1:12 EE1 Body (0.020inch) Light Weight RRP £13.25
  • Availability: In Stock at Horizon Hobby UK


Source: Horizon Hobby UK

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