Paul Ciccarello To Run Serpent 966


Ace driver Paul Ciccarello will race the Serpent 966 in 1:8 scale from 2010 onwards. Serpent is very proud to have Paul also on the 1:8 scale team as the co-operation for the 1:12 S120 and future 1:10 scale pan-class has been working out really well, so its really good to be able to coop in 1:8 scale as well.

Paul has shown in 2009 with his third place at the well attended ROAR Nats, that he is a force to be reckoned with. The co-op with Scott Kimbrow, Paolo Morganti, DJ and Jackson will most certainly help to achieve even better results by working together closely.

Paul Ciccarello has also joined Serpent America’s sales team for all the product lines of Serpent America including Serpent, NovaRossi, Xceed, Matrix and Blitz-Titan. With his long time experience he is very likely to offer great suppport to all Serpent customers. Paul can be reached at: for any sales inquires or team driver support.

Below is a short interview with Paul

Q: What made you decide to run Serpent in gas on-road too ?

A: Well it was a perfect fit since I already ran the S120 and now working for Serpent America in sales.

Q: What will be your major races for this year ?

A:Right now I am at the Snowbirds, I plan to attend the Carpet nats, 1:8 on-road nats, Byron Challenge, NovaRossi race in CT, Great Lakes Challenge, IIC, Worlds for 1:12, and Indoor Champs.

Q: You are closely involved with the Serpent S120 Link car and the S100 as well , how are those projects coming along ?

A:Very well, it’s been cool to see the first prototype I made get to production, The link is scheduled to be out in late February and the S100 to start March.

Q: Some background info: where do you live, are you married, any kids ?

A: I live in Cleveland Ohio, Married and we had our first child in July.

Q: Who do you feel is the best RC driver of all time ? ( apart from your self :)

A:There are so many that have their specialities that’s it hard to pin point any one guy. I guess the two who have been the most consistent for so many years would be Masami and Collari.

Q: Which RC driver do you admire the most and why ?

A:There are actually so many guys have helped me along the way to get where I am. A few would be Mike Blackstock, Josh Cyrul, Paul Lemieux and Mike Swauger. They have taught me the most whether they know it or not, but I try to pick up a lot of what they do and try to apply it to my program.

Q: Which category of motorsport in general is your favourite and which driver in that class ?

A:I like motocross the best, and Ryan Villipoto is my favourite guy, he just goes wide open!


Source: Team Serpent



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