ProtoForm R5-N 200mm Touring Car Bodyshell


ProtoForm is excited to announce the immediate release of the all new R5-N 200mm Gas Sedan race body. Gas Sedan bodies require numerous openings to be cut in the roof area to enable cooling and fuel filling and thus the bodies tend to become aerodynamically dirty and inefficient. ProtoForm has designed a body to minimise the net drag losses caused by these openings. The unique side windows as well as the rear window contours enhance the efficiency of the linear airflow into and out of the body.


Every feature including the large rear wing is within EFRA/ROAR/200mm Global Body Spec dimensions. The enlarged wing struts allow for the use of larger screws for quicker trackside adjustments, and the centre strut adds stability. Made to fit all the popular 200mm gas chassis this body is pulled in .030 lexan. It’s supplied with protective covering, decal sheet, window masks and wing hardware.

The R5-N is sure to be another step forward for the serious racer – something ProtoForm has built its reputation on.


R5-N Features

  • Made with .030 Lexan®
  • Contemporary styling
  • Meets all specs for EFRA, ROAR, 200mm GBS
  • Large wing for downforce tuning
  • 2 rear bumper trim lines – upper for EFRA, lower for ROAR
  • Paint then peel overspray film, sticker sheet, and window masks included
  • Please note: This bodyshell is sold in crystal clear lexan and is shown painted for advertising purposes only.

PL1520-30   ProtoForm R5-N 200mm Touring Car Bodyshell   RRP £18.44


Source: CML Distribution

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