Speed Passion Cirtix Rhino Brushless Rock Crawler Combo


Brushless powered crawling is finally perfected. After significant development time and testing, the Cirtix Rhino crawling system is finally ready to take on the rocks in your crawler rig. The custom 30.5t Rhino brushless motor gives the perfect 1000kv for any crawling application. Brutal torque, great speed when needed and the precision control that only a sensored motor can provide.


The Cirtix Rhino ESC is also custom loaded with crawling specific software and options to dial in the exact feel and performance you want in your rig. Add the optional Cirtix PC programming box for even finer adjustments and software updates as they become available. Take on your next crawling session or competition with the power of the Cirtix Rhino Brushless combo.



Source: Speed Passion



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