Duratrax Tyres For DX450 Motorcycle


Anyone familiar with the DuraTrax DX450 Motorcycle knows its capabilities. Now drivers can equip their bikes with tyres designed for specific racing conditions. The Slicks work best for on-road surfaces like asphalt, pavement and concrete while the Dirt/Oval tyres, with their “chocolate” square-tread pattern, provide exceptional traction for off-road track conditions.


  • DTXC4645     Tyre Front Slick DX450      Retail:$14.99     Street:$12.99
  • DTXC4646     Tyre Rear Slick DX450     Retail:$19.99     Street:$16.99
  • DTXC4647     Tyre Front Dirt/Oval DX450     Retail:$14.99     Street:$12.99
  • DTXC4648     Tyre Rear Dirt/Oval DX450     Retail:$19.99     Street:$16.99
  • Available late April

For more information please visit: www.duratrax.com then click on DX450RTR


Source: Duratrax



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