EFRA 1:12 Euros – Wins For Levanen and Kerswell

Report by Papa J


The least you could do having won the Euro’s is to look happy….Well done Chris!

Finals day at this year EFRA 1:12 Euros started with practice finals for all drivers, these practice runs were restricted to four minutes, so a chance to check the cars but no real opportunity to test the cells to the full eight minute race capacity.

Come the finals, Chris Kerswell started his account in fine style taking leg one in the Pro Stock Spec A final, possibly keen to shake off the handle of “Crisis” Kerswell Chris was doing a top job at this point. Mistakes behind from Fischer and Moore made leg one a comfortable win for Kerswell ahead of Markus Mobers and a recovering Marc Fischer.


In Modified it was a leg one win for the pole man with Juho Levanen taking the victory ahead of Ronald Volker. Olly Jefferies got hit in the first corner by Simo Ahoniemi who eventually finished third and completed the top three, Fischer was next up with Olly fifth.

Leg Two and a big mistake for Kerswell in turn one resulting in him being hit by most of the chasing pack. Chris was lucky to escape damage and he carried on, he chased hard as up front Hot Bodies driver Andy Moore led the field. Andy had been suffering with problems with his cells all weekend and with a comfortable lead over Mobers the problem came back to haunt him and the ex-world champ ground to halt at six minutes. Mobers went on to take leg two ahead of a delighted Keith Robertson, Kerswell recovered well to take third and retain his position as favourite for the title.

Ronald Volker took leg two of the modified A final after both he and Levanen crashed, Volker got away from the incident first and went on to win ahead of the Finn, Mark Fischer was third for Corally.


Leg three and Kerswell needed a cool head if he was to become champion and things started well for the V-Dezign driver, then a small mistake let the Hot Bodies car of Andy Moore through. No problem for Chris though as Andy was not a factor in the title chase. Fischer chased Kerswell hard but there was no “Crisis” though, cool as you like Kerswell crossed the line in second to take his first major 1:12 title.

The top three in modified made a clean start to leg three of the A final, Levanen and Volker were rarely more than a cars length apart with Olly Jefferies in third waiting for a mistake. At the mid-point, the top two had dropped Olly and it was for Juho just a question of keeping his nerve. He did and crossed the line to take the third leg and the title, second for Volker gave him second at the meeting, Olly Jefferies made it three Associated R5’s on the podium for leg three.


Overall the meeting was very well received by the drivers and everyone one gave credit to the BRCA organising team who had put on a top class meeting. Well done to our new Euro champions, for Juho another title for an already full trophy cabinet, for Kerswell possibly this means a lot more, the home crowd were certainly delighted for Chris who performed so well over the four days.

Modified Overall Results

  • 1. Juho Levanen
  • 2. Ronald Volker
  • 3. Marc Fischer
  • 4. Simo Ahoniemi
  • 5. Olly Jefferies
  • 6. Andy Griffiths
  • 7. Alexander Hagberg
  • 8. Vesa Yli
  • 9. Elliot Harper
  • 10.Chris Kerswell

Pro Stock Overall Results

  • 1. Chris Kerswell
  • 2. Markus Mobers
  • 3. Keith Robertson
  • 4. Marc Fischer
  • 5. Andy Moore
  • 6. Mick Farrell
  • 7. Mark Stiles
  • 8. Simon Rubet
  • 9. Olivier Bultynck
  • 10.Vesa Yli




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