Much More Racing Impact 35C Saddle LiPo


Much More Racing have added the Impact Battery 5000mAh/7.4V 35C Saddle Hard Case LiPo battery [MLI-IS5000A] to their product range.


  • Provides excellence of quality.
  • Shape is saddle pack as a Sub-C type battery.
  • Suitable for 1:10 Touring car, Buggy.
  • Carbon pattern hard case increases safety of the battery.
  • Approved in EFRA 2010 regulations.


  • Size : 68.5 x 46 x 23mm (1cell)
  • Weight : 128.5g (1cell)
  • Balancing plug : JST-XH
  • Connector : Tamiya
  • Cubic capacity : 5000mAh
  • Voltage Input : 3.7V
  • C-rate : 35C


Source: Much More Racing



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