HPI UK Baja Endurance Challenge Qualifier News

HPI Europe have updated news for all UK Baja racers who want to qualify for the European Baja Finals.

These races will decide the UK teams that will travel to mainland Europe to represent Great Britain in this year’s Baja Endurance Challenge Finals, so make sure you sign up and show your interest!

Both events will feature a full racing programme, racer BBQ, prizes from HPI, raffle prizes and more

UK Southern Baja Qualifier


  • Location: MMR Baja Festival @ MMR Largescale

The UK Southern Baja Qualifier will be held in conjunction with the MMR Baja Festival, a yearly celebration of Baja and large-scale racing fun. Click here to get to the registration page.

UK Northern Baja Qualifier


  • UK NORTHERN BAJA QUALIFIER – 30 July to 1 August
  • Location: Clash of the Tartans @ West Coast Raceway

The UK Northern Baja Qualifier at West Coast Raceway is code-named the ‘Clash of the Tartans’,and is a 4-day event that can be pre-booked at the RC Demon Events website (CLICK HERE), allowing you to save £5 from the full price ticket.


Source: HPI Europe



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