Kyosho Lazer ZX-5 FS2


With its heritage built at the top of the racing world, the famous LAZER ZX-5 chassis has undergone a complete regeneration. This model is based on the FS conversion kit and not the SP competition kit held in high regard by many competition drivers.


The new layout features a 10mm longer wheelbase and the motor and spur gear are positioned as far forward as possible. This combines with the 3 by 3 battery layout to produce optimal weight distribution and results in ideal surface pressure from the tyres for effective traction and sure-footed turning. The new Lazer ZX5 FS2 is the latest in the Lazer line of vehicles, which is a further development on this platform.



  • Improved Traction – 10mm longer wheelbase delivers improved traction and performance over gaps in the track for greater stability.
  • Totally New Chassis Layout – New layout positions the motor and spur gear as far forward as possible. Optimal mass balance delivers sure-footed turning and stability.
  • Modified Main Chassis – The new FS2 is equipped with a new modified stiffer lightweight material which reduces any chassis flex.
  • FS Front End – Newly designed front suspension (knuckles, hubs, lower suspension arms) features large control angles and plenty of setting options, delivers easy turning control.
  • Full Advantage – Newly designed rear suspension makes good use of changes in load for traction and easy control on a wide variety of surface types.
  • LiPo Compatible – LiPo compatible battery tray layout and a new height adjustment feature.
  • Minimized – Reverse rotation of centre shaft minimises counter torque.
  • Efficient Slipper Clutch – Features 2-piece slipper clutch that provides traction efficiency.
  • Optimum Weight Distribution – 3 : 3 battery layout achieves optimum weight distribution.
  • New Shoot Body – Features advanced aerodynamically designed body and wing. Subtle curves generate effective down-force. Contributes to airborne stability and posture control. Now suitable for lipo use with no modification
  • Velvet Coated Shocks – Kyosho is well known for silky smooth shocks and the new Triple Cap shocks included with the new Lazer ZX5 FS2 are no exception. The shock body consists of three major components a top cap, velvet coated threaded bodies, and a lower cap. The velvet coated shock bodies feature a threaded spring pre-load collar for quick and easy adjustment. The threaded adjuster features an O-ring that prevents the preload settings from moving, which ensures consistent performance from start to finish. The lower shock cap allows for quick and easy maintenance of the double O-ring seals.
  • Hard Rod Ends – The rod ends feature a new, stronger material that is more durable and resists contamination from dirt. This means that the rod ends stay tighter and are less likely to be damaged or separate from the ball stud in the event of a hard crash.
  • 12MM Hex Wheel Hubs – 6 contact points spread the load on the wheel to prevent stripping and the larger, flat mounting surface keeps the wheels running straight and true.
  • New Shock Springs – The FS2 is now equipped with softer rear springs to compensate for lighter weight LiPo batteries.


What is a Kit?

A Kit is a higher level vehicle that included nearly everything you will need to build a rolling chassis. You will need to supply items like motor, ESC, battery, tyres and radio equipment. Required items may vary from kit to kit so please see Required Items For Completion section for full list.



Required For Completion

  • R/C system / 2-channel,1-servo, 1-amp
  • Tyres / Tyre inserts
  • 7.2V Ni-Cd or Ni-MH battery (loose battery cells only *cannot be used with straight packs)
  • Charger
  • Paint for the body
  • Batteries for R/C system

No.30079B     Lazer ZX-5 FS2


Source: Kyosho America



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