LRP Brushless Combo Ultimo Drift – Type 1


The LRP ULTIMO Drift Type1 brushless motor is specially developed for drifting and gives you style, performance and power at a low price. This drift combo is ideal for beginners to intermediate racers entering the world of drifting!

The ULTIMO Drift brushless speed control delivers unbelievable smooth throttle control and features special drifting brake profiles, including handbrake effect.

LRP ULTIMO Drifting Brushless combo is the easiest way to get into the exciting world of drifting.

ULTIMO Drift Brushless Speedcontrol

  • Automatic NiMH/LiPo adaptation
    Special drift throttle/brake/handbrake profiles
    ADVANCED Digital with 4 adjustable modes
    Forward/Brake/Reverse + Forward/Brake
    Sensored Technology
    Automatic Brushless/Brushed adaptation

ULTIMO Drift – Type1 Brushless Motor

  • Handwound
    Special drift throttle/brake/handbrake profiles
    Sensored Technology
    Double ball bearings
    Standard 540 size/weight

80662    LRP Brushless Combo ULTIMO Drift – Type 1

LRP products are available in the UK through Spire Model Distribution. Check out their website for more details at


Source: LRP



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