LRP SPX Zero – Latest Technology For True Stock Racing




In today’s stock-class extremely high speeds are achieved, however it is not always wanted. Right now, the new SPX Zero offers the latest brushless technology in “normal” speed and easiest operation.

The discussion in the RC scene has been intense for the last couple of weeks with the latest generation speed controls providing extremely high top speeds, which almost lifts them up to modified level .For many drivers and organisers the power has reached a too high level of performance. Now, it’s time to bring back the original idea of stock racing!

With the brand new LRP SPX Zero, LRP offers an easy solution. With the Boost Zero Mode, the power stays in a constant performance limit and the motor runs extremely efficiently. Every racer will quickly and without any problems be able to find the optimal speed control setting for each racetrack. The significant difference in performances between speed controls is now a thing of the past and we can once again look forward to exciting and close racing on the racetrack.

The Boost Zero Mode is already known from the LRP SXX Stock Spec speed control. This feature makes your motor run with much lower temperatures and normal speed. It can’t get any easier than this!


  • Boost Zero Mode: No speed control timing for true stock racing easily indicated by a flashing LED
  • AutoCell System: NiMH-NiCD-LiPo automatic adaptation
  • Advanced Digital with 4 adjustable modes: Fully adjustable AutoCell System, Power Profiles, Initial Brake and Auto-Brake
  • 6 Power Profiles: Perfect adjustability to all track conditions
  • Internal Temp Check System: Allows you to read out the maximum internal temperature the speedo reached
  • Sensored Brushless Technology: Results in perfect control at low and high RPMs, as well as perfect brake control
  • Forward/Brake: Uncompromising forward/brake race-design without reverse for outstanding race performance
  • 80705     LRP SPX Zero Brushless Speed Control
  • Available Mid June 2010

LRP products are available in the UK through Spire Model Distribution. Check out their website for more details at


Source: LRP



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