Pro Racing Venom Fuel Mixing Bottle From King Cobra Racing


This new fuel mixing bottle is designed to give quick and accurate fuel blending by making it easy to get the right amount of oil added to the petrol – and without having to mix a full 5 litre petrol cans worth each time! The new mixing bottle is just right for mixing a fresh litre of fuel ready to refill, and top-up your cars fuel tank each time you use it.


Fill the empty mixing bottle up to the indicated 1 litre mark, and then add oil to the shown markings on the neck to give the ratio of fuel/oil you would like to run with. The most popular ratios of 25/1, 32/1, 40/1 and 50/1 are clearly shown and can be quickly duplicated each time. The one litre sized bottle is perfect for making a fresh mix of racing fuel each time you race, and its neat and easy to handle size helps make filling the fuel tank easy and reduce spillage.

Using the fuel mixing bottle avoids the need to mix fuel in bulk, and so can prevent the fuel going stale before you get around to using it all. It also gives you the chance to try different fuel/oil mixing ratios, and even different brands of oils to see what works best in your engine.


Meanwhile, your can of petrol is still available for emergency use if you run out of petrol when driving home, or need to fill the lawnmower when you get back etc. Many people end up with two cans of petrol – one mixed with two stroke oil, and one with straight petrol. Now you don’t need to, as the only pre-mixed fuel will be in our fuel mixing bottle, leaving your main supply can available for other uses – or ready for your next fresh fuel mix!

The Pro Racing Venom Fuel Mixing Bottle is available from any good model shop priced £6.99.


Source: King Cobra



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