Xceed High-Tech Oils


Xceed have released three new high tech lubrication oils for  use in RC cars and similar applications. Each specific oil is for a purpose and has a distinctive colour for easy recognition.

Lab-developed and tested by Xceed team-drivers to create the optimal oil for each application, the oils can be used on all rc cars, both on and off-road.


Red oil: For high temperature purposes like clutch bearings


Blue oil: For high pressure applications such as thrust bearings


Yellow oil: For high velocity applications, most transmission bearings, wheel bearings and similar.

The bottle features a strong white cap with a nice small tip which enables you to put the oil only where you want to. The oils are available separately or in a pack of all three types together.

  • 103247    Xceed Red oil, high temp (clutch bearings)
  • 103248    Xceed Blue oil, pressure ( thrust bearing)
  • 103249    Xceed Yellow oil, high velocity (bearings)
  • 103250    Xceed Oil-set red, blue, yellow (3)
  • Available June 2010


Source: Xceed



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