Xray T3 1-Piece Aluminium Lower Rear Suspension Holder


Team Xray have a new optional 1-piece aluminium rear suspension holder for their T3 which is a direct replacement for the standard forward holders of the rear suspension. This holder is narrower than the rearward holder of the rear suspension but keeps the same width of the car as with standard T3 holders. The aluminium suspension holder reinforces the chassis and helps prevent chassis damage in extreme, hard crashes.



  • Optional 1-piece aluminium rear suspension holder
  • Direct replacement for forward rear suspension holder
  • Reinforces chassis
  • Prevent chassis damage in extreme hard crashes

#302048-O   Xray T3 Aluminium Lower Rear Suspension 1-Piece Holder – Orange

Team Xray products are available in the UK through RC Disco. Check out their website for more details at www.rcdisco.com


Source: Team Xray



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