1st International RC Car Hill-Climbing Event Faistenau/Austria

Report by Michael Selner


Last weekend saw the 1st Hill-Climbing Event for RC-cars in Faistenau (www.faistenau.at) at Hacksteiner-Hills for RC cars in the near of Salzburg/Austria!


The event was organized by Christoph Stopper and Willi Rinnerthaler who found a perfect location and have made very simple rules! Every driver had 3 minutes for their heats (2x qualifying and 2x final – the best result in final counts) to get as high as possible at equal height or at “Full Hill” the time counts! As long the car drives the hill up (will be checked by Willi at the hill and shown by a flag signal) the time is running – if a car stops the time will be on hold and height will be measured – after measuring the time will run again and the car has to go back to the starting line downhill where Christoph is giving the start signal also by flag!


There were 2 competitions in this event

  • Hill-Climbing (by height and time)
  • Action + style (reviewed by three judges without RC-Car Experience on a nice leather couch)


Exact at 10:00am the drivers meeting was held and rules where explained and every driver got a “Goodie-Bag”. Short practice and qualification rounds (which were only used for the starting order in the final) but no “Full Hill” was made in qualifying – some drivers missed the 65 metres only by few centimetres on the very difficult last few metres of the hill.


Final rounds were started after the lunch break and the now complete dry track allowed every driver to get better results than in qualifying. We had following Top-14 results in the hill climbing event after the 2 final heats:

  • Pichler-Connection/Austria/Durango DEX10 Special – 34.40 meter
  • Lorenz Leitgeb/Austria/Traxxas Slash 4×4 – 35.80 meter
  • Bernhard Gugganig/Austria/Reely Hummer 1:5 – 42.40 meter
  • Martin Stöllinger/Austria/HongNor Ultra LX (bought his car during the event!) – 43.50 meter
  • Rene Ruffner/Switzerland/Hobbytech STR8 EP Brushless – 45,90 meter
  • Elli Weidendach/Germany/HongNor X2 CRT 54.80 meter
  • Maximilan Hoeflmaier/Austria/HongNor Ultra RR 55.00 meter
  • Roland Winklhofer/Austria/FG 1:5 Beetle – 55.00 meter
  • Kilian Ferstl/Germany/TT-Truggy Brushless – 56.00 meter
  • Wolfi Janesch/Austria/Hpi Baja 1:5 – 58.00 meter
  • Ede Mattis/Germany/HongNor X2 CRT – Full Hill/16.8 sec
  • Rene Rinnerthaler/Austria/HongNor X2 CRT – Full Hill/15.2 sec
  • Michael Klausener sen/Austria Mugen MBX-6T – Full Hill/14.8 sec
  • Michael Selner/Austria Mugen MBX-6T – Full Hill/13.7 sec


The second competition in this event was the “King of Action” – this was decided by the 3 Judges Magdalena, Max and Hubert – and here the 7 years old Lorenz Leitgeb with his Traxxas Slash 4×4 took the Top-Spot. In second final leg Lorenz had a empty battery – so I (Michael Selner) had the idea during his run to take out a charged 3S Lipo from my EMAXX BL and borrow him for this final run – I changed the battery in Formula 1 style within few seconds – but Lorenz’s car had now so much power and it was not running properly anymore – wheelie – rolling up and down – so it was easy to find the “Action-King” for the judges!


An absolute perfect event where really all drivers with cars from 1/16 to 1/5 – electric or gas, the organisers, all judges all had big fun! The winner trophy has a weight of 14kg (28 lbs).


It looks like that in 2011 will be the 2nd Hill-Climbing event at Hacksteiner-Hills in Faistenau! I can only recommend to attend at this event – if somebody would like to come from far away it should be combined with few days of holiday in the great lake area of Salzburg/Austria!

For more information (including more pictures and also some video clips) see also: www.drt-news.com/hillclimbing/


Source: Pro-Line





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