Bloomfield Wins J12 BRCA Rallycross National

Report by Rob Cuss


So will Darren Bloomfield continue his domination, or will it be the young gun Elliot Boots and don’t forget last years winner Simon Willets…these would be the favourites for this event held at J12 which is a blindingly fast euro style track with minimal jumps. The track was dirty, it was that dusty, rooster tails were coming off the cars as they went round!


One person who fell victim to the dust was Kevin Griffin who ended up losing his car in the dust and controlling a different one for a lap, much to the amusement of the onlookers who saw Kevin’s car going in strange directions.


Qualifying was down to Elliot and Darren once more, with them taking a round each it was down to the final round. Both were mighty quick, however Elliot suffered a 10 sec penalty for corner cutting on the top left tabletop, this then prompted a  fence do be put up…shame there numerous other folk doing this in earlier rounds however this was not spotted.

So the top 3 were….1st Darren Bloomfield, 2nd Elliot Boots, 3rd Simon Willets


The Lower finals were entertaining, with yours truly having a mare, the transponder stopped working 2 laps in when in the bump up pretty gutted! Young Callum Niblett bumped up his usual two finals, Jamie Booth was the bumpinator bumping to the C from one of the the lower finals after a torrid time in qualifying.


The B final was quite entertaining with Chris Doughty taking the win with with Hazlewood, Sawyer and Dave Bailey in hot pursuit to bump up to the main, a unfortunate Sam Taylor was in the hunt till radio problems ended his challenge. I marshalled the main final for Sam Taylor as he had hurt his neck in stuntman auditions for the next Terminator movie, he basically went through a Transit windscreen! Get well soon buddy.


So the main final got underway with Darren leading Elliot and Simon Willets, these 3 breaking away from the pack with Neil Cragg in 4th leading the pursuit, Darren was so fast through the section in front of me with millimetre like precision – to be honest its quite incredible seeing the guys pile through a twisty section flat out. Bootsie was doing his best to catch Darren but every time he would get close he would make a mistake and drop back. Willets was gradually reeling Bootsie in and caught him a few times but then Bootsie would get past and set off into the distance again, what Willets failed to realise was Neil Cragg hunting him down in shark like fashion, this was to be the battle of the race with some stunning moves by both parties.


Darren went on to win with ease after Bootsie had yet another gremlin strike with a flameout, Bootsie would finish 8th. Neil Cragg finished 2nd with the best drive of his campaign so far, and Simon Willets in 3rd.


Bloomfield for the title or England for the World Cup – I know where I would put my money!



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