Dutch 1:8 On-Road GP: TQ & Win For Van Gastel


Ilia van Gastel remains in excellent shape this year, by taking the TQ position and winning the EFRA 1:8 On-Road GP  in Apeldoorn with Serpent 966/Mega/Xceed.

Ilia is really looking good for the upcoming nationals in Holland and then he has to get ready for the EC in Italy, where he was fastest in practice earlier this year…


Michael Salven with his Serpent 966-Mega combination was for along time in second place with a good lap lead on Vrielink in third followed closely by Hepp/966-NR in fourth.


One lap before the end of the final, Salven ran out of fuel, putting Vrielink in second and hard chasing Hepp in third. The gap for Hepp was less than 10 seconds in the end on Vrielink and then to make matters worse,  Salven was DQ’d after the final from his fourth place, due to an oversized tank.

Results can be seen here: http://www.mylaps.com/results/showrun.jsp?id=1543807


Source: Serpent


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