LRP TQ & Win 1:10 TC Pre-Worlds


The time was set for all the best drivers to hit the Warm-up race at the Burgdorf racetrack in preparation for the upcoming 2010 World Championship in touring cars.

With the 1:10 TC World Championhship in Burgdorf, Germany coming closer and closer to its start, all the best drivers from around the world travelled to Germany for the pre-worlds in order to prepare and setup their chassis in best shape for the worlds track.


The very small Burgdorf racetrack, almost the size of an indoor track, proved very challenging and fun to drive for the participants. With the official World Championship tyre – LRP VTEC X30 pre-glued, the traction for many drivers was surprisingly high already after a few runs on Fridays free practice and continued being high throughout the weekend.


The LRP team came fully prepared with top drivers Ronald Völker, Alexander Hagberg, Freddy Südhoff, Steven Weiss and Atsushi Hara powered by LRP electronics at the warm-up race. With LRP´s regular race team manager Reto König off duty for the weekend due to being on his honeymoon (Congratulations Reto), it was LRP´s Andy Krämer and Andreas Myrberg who were at the track to support and fine tune all of the attended LRP driver´s power equipment.


As Saturday came and the qualification began, it was Ronald Völker who would continue on his amazing race result record from the last months, to take TQ with 4 wins from 6 rounds, ahead of chassis team-mate Hayato Matsuzuki from Japan in 2nd place. 3rd position went to Jilles Groskamp. In the last round we saw LRP Alexander Hagberg putting on an amazing round to take 2nd position for the round. Finding a world championship contending setup on his chassis and motor for the last round, it was only a small mistake which saw Alexander missing out on taking the fastest qualification round of the complete weekend.


When the drivers hit the racetrack on Sunday morning, it was completely rain soaked, and unfortunately the rain didn´t stop for the whole day.

As the final would start only LRP driver Alexander Hagberg used the time to test his rain car in order to be fully prepared for the World Championship, no matter what the conditions would be. As the north of Germany often is struck by rain, these conditions could be a likely race scenario, and testing in these conditions could in the end be worth as much as a World Championship title.

As Alexander Hagberg was the only driver to start in the finals, Alexander took 1st place followed by the order from the qualification rounds, with Ronald Völker in 2nd and Hayato Matsuzuki in 3rd position.


Products used by LRP Team

  • 80950  LRP SXX TC Competition
  • 50692  LRP VECTOR X12 Brushless Modified 4.5T
  • 50687  LRP VECTOR X12 Brushless Modified 5.0T
  • 79876  LRP LiPo Competition Car Line Hardcase 5900 – 50C
  • 41552  LRP Pulsar Competition 3
  • 65800  LRP High Power Soldering Station
  • 43150  LRP Power Supply 14 Amps
  • 45200  LRP Precision Parallel LiPo Balancer
  • 101A28472A  M11X FHSS-3 2.4GHz Set
  • 107A53471A  Sanwa SDX-801 Servo


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