New 1:10 Scale WGT Foam Tyres On Xceed ITA Rims


the growing World GT class (1:10 scale pan cars),  Xceed now offers these superb racing foams on strong yet light Xceed racing wheels with a beautiful narrow spoke design. The wheels and tyres comply with the ROAR and EFRA rules.


The tyres are available in two types; one for outdoor – asphalt/tarmac and one for indoor/carpet use. Within each type, there is soft, medium and hard compounds available. Fit all popular brands of WGT cars.


  • Front:  27mm wide x 62mm diameter  (with foam)
  • Rear: 50mm wide and 62mm diameter (with foam)


  • 101560            ITA-tyre-rim  WGT FR black soft
  • 101561            ITA-tyre-rim  WGT FR black medium
  • 101562            ITA-tyre-rim  WGT FR black hard
  • 101563            ITA-tyre-rim  WGT RR black soft
  • 101564            ITA-tyre-rim  WGT RR black medium
  • 101565            ITA-tyre-rim  WGT RR black hard
  • 101566            ITA-tyre-rim  WGT FR black carpet soft
  • 101567            ITA-tyre-rim  WGT FR black carpet medium
  • 101568            ITA-tyre-rim  WGT FR black carpet hard
  • 101569            ITA-tyre-rim  WGT RR black carpet soft
  • 101570            ITA-tyre-rim  WGT RR black carpet medium
  • 101571            ITA-tyre-rim  WGT RR black carpet hard
  • All available late June 2010



Source: Xceed RC



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