New Schumacher Slim 2wd Front Mini Spike Tyre


Schumacher Racing have re-tooled and improved the quality of their 2WD slim front tyre. The Mini Spike is the tyre of choice for many grass and astro tracks.

The performance of the new Slim Mini Spike 2 will be exactly the same, however the new tyre can be identified by it’s matt finish rather than a shiny one and MiniSpike 2 engraving on the sidewall.

Stock is coming through now on the U6581 Yellow compound and will follow shortly on the harder Green and Blue compounds.

  • U6581     Slim Mini Spike – Yellow (std)     £7.49
  • U6550     Slim Mini Spike – Green (std)     £7.49
  • U6549     Slim Mini Spike – Blue (std)     £7.49
  • U6753     Slim Mini Spike Yellow Pre Glued     £13.49


Source: Schumacher Racing



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