New Sorex Pre-Glued Tyres From Schumacher


Sorex Tyres have long been established as the leading rubber tyre manufacturer.  Combined with Schumacher’s excellent Revlite wheel and glued to perfection they provide consistently excellent performance time and time again.

Schumacher Racing are pleased to bring you several new Pre-Glued versions of their excellent tyres.


The first one has been chosen as the new control tyre for the BRCA Touring Car Championships. This combo now has the super consistent yellow insert. Due to supply problems with the CM insert this replaces the XG-32CM as the control tyre for the remainder of 2010.

XG-32RY – Sorex 32R + Yellow Insert + Revlite Std – £22.99


The new XG-32JB is now launched for high grip carpet racing.  The lightweight JB foam inserts provide excellent acceleration and grip for indoor use. For most low and medium bite indoor tracks the XG-28JB will still be the best. The XG-32JB may be better for permanent venues with high bite.

XG-32JB – Sorex 32R + JB Foam Insert + Revlite Std – £25.99


Finally the new XG-36SY is the hot weather tyres of choice for this years European TC Championships in France.

The harder 36R tyre combined with the stiffer Revlite Stiff Wheel provides excellent traction and good life in warmer, higher traction conditions.

XG-36SY – Sorex 36R + Yellow Insert – Euro 2010 Revlite Stiff – £25.99



Source: Schumacher Racing



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