New Xray T3R 1:10 Electric Touring Car


Xray is pleased to offer the all-new Xray T3R, the latest release from the Xray design studio that will surely please the masses. The Xray T3R represents the latest evolution of the super-successful Raycer concept – luxury at an affordable price.

The new Xray T3R is based on the award-winning Xray T3 high-performance electric touring car platform, a car that has raised the bar in engineering, design, and performance and has won the hearts of racers worldwide along with an exceptional amount of titles and awards.

With the worldwide success of the T3 platform — my best touring car design to date — I wanted to release a platform that would allow everyone to enjoy the design and performance benefits of the T3 platform no matter what their racing needs and budget are.

See it. Feel it. Drive it.

  • Dipl. Eng. Juraj Hudy
  • Chief Engineer, Xray
  • Martin Hudy
  • T3 Designer, Xray


T3R Features

  • Based on the ultra-successful T3 platform
  • LiPo & NiMh multi purpose-designed platform
  • Unique Xray Alternative Driveline Configurationâ„¢ for perfect weight balance with either LiPo or NiMH batteries and electronics layout
  • Front & rear diffs and transmission belts can be quickly & easily oriented to either the left or right side to balance the car for either LiPo or NiMH use.
  • All-new suspension holder system allows suspension arms to be mounted independently from the diff bulkheads
  • All-new direct independent suspension alu holders mounted directly to the chassis allow for prolonged chassis flex thus generating more traction.
  • Independent suspension holders allow for more precise and fine set-up adjustments with the use of different-thickness shims
  • New motor mount has been purpose-designed for brushless motors, placing the motor 3mm more towards the centreline
  • New aluminium rear suspension holders positioned towards the centreline results in narrower rear track-width and more rear traction
  • Rear aluminium rear suspension holders feature integrated toe-in
  • All-new 1-piece top deck features unique layshaft composite holders to allow the top deck to be mounted to the rear bulkheads independently from the central layshaft bulkheads


  • New 1-piece top deck provides new and improved Xray Multi-Flexâ„¢ adjustment possibilities to eliminate chassis flex adjustment; all flex adjustment is performed via the top deck Multi-Flexâ„¢ adjustments
  • Optimised top deck Multi-Flexâ„¢ adjustment possibilities allow for super-fast and easy adjustment of car handling for all different racing conditions
  • The design of the top deck moves the flex point from the front and rear of the top deck to the centre, providing more steering and increasing responsiveness
  • New 2.5mm chassis moves the battery position further back for more steering. The battery slots are 4mm-wider allowing the battery position/balance to be changed depending on the number and type of batteries used
  • New motor holder connects the motor mount bulkhead to the centre of the chassis, this transfers the flex effect of the motor mount into the absolute centreline of the chassis
  • Layshaft bulkheads are independently mounted from the top deck for better flex adjustment
  • Layshaft bearings are secured to the bulkheads with new plastic holders
  • New higher bulkheads raise the top deck for perfect LiPo fitment
  • New servo saver eccentric position for improved steering response


  • New 38/20T (1.9) internal gearing for improved drivetrain efficiency and performance
  • New more eccentric front and rear roll centre holders with more inner camber link positions for better balance and handling
  • New updated front steering blocks provide increased steering angle for more steering and higher cornering speeds
  • New modified rear arms with extra roll bar positions for better roll balance on high-traction tracks and more precise anti-roll bar adjustment
  • Two different battery plastic holders specially for LiPo and specially for NiMH batteries
  • New thinner antenna holder with new placement position to allow for a more centrally-located receiver
  • New front and rear shock towers with optimized roll centre positions
  • New lighter, black-anodized Swiss 7075 T6 aluminium turnbuckles
  • Majority of spare parts & option parts compatible with T3 platform


T3 Main Features

  • Super lightweight Swiss 7075 T6 aluminium front & rear drive shafts
  • Drivetrain featuring 38T/20T (1.9) pulleys
  • Reduced sensitivity to changing track conditions, giving super-consistent performance during runs


  • Centred lay shaft and split bulkheads provide optimum balance thanks to perfect weight distribution of the motor towards centreline, giving quicker left-right transitions
  • Ultra-light bulkheads CNC-machined from premium Swiss 7075 T6 aluminium
  • Motor mount bulkhead features the lowest possible motor position, compatible with stock, modified, and brushless motors
  • Super-light composite front Solid Axle with Xray’s own smart quick-change outdrive system for easy outdrive exchange; no servicing or replacement of drive shaft blades needed, translates into reduced servicing costs
  • Servo saver positioned in absolute centreline of the chassis
  • Aluminium centre top deck mount specially designed to decrease front suspension traction and eliminates front tire overheating to ensure consistent handling throughout runs


  • Independent front and rear diff height adjustment
  • Long front & rear suspension arms for improved traction and easier handling feature optimized shock mounting positions
  • Suspension arms feature integrated anti-roll bar mounts; rear arms feature three different anti-roll bar mounts for super-fine adjustment of the rear anti-roll bar
  • C-hubs with large openings for quick and easy assembly/disassembly of the CVDs; prevents collision of CVD with C-hub in serious crashes (compatible for the ECS drive shafts)
  • C-hubs available in standard caster angles (2°, 4° and 6°); available in two hardness’s
  • Rear uprights with integrated 0° toe-in to prevent suspension geometry change in serious crashes
  • Both front & rear shock towers machined from extra-thick fibreglass featuring Quick Roll Centreâ„¢ positions and optimized shock absorber positions


Detailed Specifications

  • All parts fully interchangeable between T3 and T3R editions
  • Xray Quick Roll-Centresâ„¢ – 4 quick roll centre adjustments in front and rear
  • Rebuildable front & rear CVD drive shafts made from super-strong, super-light Swiss 7075 T6 aluminium
  • Strong wheel axles manufactured from premium HUDY Spring Steelâ„¢
  • Ultra-lightweight front and rear split bulkheads are CNC-machined from premium Swiss 7075 T6 aluminium, allowing quick and easy access to diff and layshaft
  • Centreline drivetrain concept with ultra-narrow chassis positions batteries and electronics near car centreline
  • Long top deck design minimizes tweak and increases stability
  • Premium-quality, Kevlar® reinforced drive belts
  • Lightweight middle layshaft CNC-machined from aircraft aluminium


  • Front upper and lower composite bumper made from special composite material to withstand hard impacts
  • Compact front foam bumper made from lightweight, high-resilience foam
  • Thick 6mm body posts withstand serious crashes
  • Lower suspension holders with three different roll centre positions offer additional ultra-fine roll centre adjustment via different-thickness shims
  • Small, robust rear uprights with built-in 0° toe-in feature two upper roll centre positions which are easily adjusted using shims
  • Easily adjustable inboard toe-in using included shims
  • Easily adjustable wheel offset using optional shims or optional offset wheel hubs
  • (-0.75mm, +0.75mm, +1.5mm)
  • 7075 T6 aluminium wheel hubs
  • Short Xray 4-step externally-adjustable shocks
  • Shock shafts are specially hardened for maximum strength
  • Shock absorber foam inserts for perfect shock rebound
  • Xray self-developed and manufactured ultimate racing springs are manually selected for maximum precision, equal length, and equal damping characteristics.
  • Small 4° caster C-blocks from special composite material, optional 2° and 6° caster blocks available
  • New small, robust steering blocks made from special composite material, featuring two Ackermann positions
  • New front and rear shock towers CNC-machined from thick black fiberglass material with optimised shock positions, include optimized Quick Roll-Centreâ„¢ positions
  • Super easy to build, set up, maintain, and drive
  • Unique Xray Quick-Saverâ„¢ with 5 easily-set Ackermann positions


Other Specifications

  • Fully independent, fully-adjustable suspension
  • Highly-efficient 2-belt, 4WD system
  • High-performance Kevlar®-reinforced drive belts
  • Centrally-positioned servo saver
  • Adjustable Ackermann settings achieved by repositioning the bell crank post forward or backward + 5 additional positions available through Xray Quick-Saverâ„¢
  • Inline battery pack positioned along one side
  • Composite battery backstops prevent battery movement on chassis (for either NiMH or LiPo batteries)
  • Adjustable very lightweight composite ball differential
  • Belt tension adjustment in both front and rear bulkheads
  • Strong aluminium servo stands
  • Complete set of high-speed, blue-sealed ball-bearings, degreased, lightly oiled for maximum efficiency, individually controlled, selected, and inspected


Adjustment Possibilities

  • Fully-adjustable front and rear suspension geometry: caster, camber, toe, anti-dive, anti-squat, ride height, droop, track-width, roll centre, wheelbase
  • Xray Alternative Transmission Configurationâ„¢
  • Xray Quick-Saverâ„¢ offers 5 different Ackermann positions for steering adjustment
  • Adjustable ball differentials
  • Xray Quick Roll-Centresâ„¢
  • Adjustable bulkheads for belt-tension control
  • Front and rear diff height adjustment
  • Multiple upper and lower shock mounting locations at front and rear
  • Externally-adjustable racing shocks (4-step)
  • Pre-drilled chassis locations for optional chassis weights


Winning Heritage

Since the release of the first T1 in 2000, Xray has become synonymous with quality, workmanship, performance, and luxury in the RC world. With countless victories and titles from all around the world — including 28x US National Champion, International Indoor Champion ’05-’06-’07-’08-’09, US Snowbird Champion ’04-’05-’06-’07-’08-’09-‘10, 6x European Junior Champion and over 200+ national titles around the world — Xray touring cars have become the world’s most favourite touring car as voted in the Reader’s Choice Awards and more than 12x Car of the Year Awards. Over the years, Xray’s Engineering Department has continued its ongoing development, bringing with it a fresh new version of its touring car platform, always superseding and improving upon its predecessors.

#30 0103     Xray T3R 1:10 Luxury Touring Car


Source: Team Xray



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