RC Pro Series South Round 2 – Indy RC World Garland Texas


Over the Memorial Day holiday round 2 for the Southern Division was run at Indy RC World. A total of 25 entries out of 140 were using the Alpha Plus engines at this event.


Top notables were:

  • William Sellard – Intermediate Buggy – 3rd – F850
  • Josh Glancy – Open Buggy – TQ & 3rd – F850
  • Ron Fleck Jr – Open Arena Truck – 3rd
  • Gary Haggard – Pro arena Truck – 1st – S852
  • Jason Branham – Pro arena Truck – 2nd – S852
  • Eliot Martinez – Pro Buggy – 4th – S852


Other Alpha Plus finishes:

  • Jeff Thompson Intermediate Buggy 6th
  • Dustin Harris Intermediate Buggy 7th Intermediate Truggy 21st
  • Ron Fleck Sr Intermediate Truggy 14th
  • Brad Smith Intermediate Truggy 19th
  • Amy Washington Intermediate Truggy 20th
  • Mike Westbrook Intermediate Truggy 13th
  • Brent Cookston Intermediate Buggy 19th Intermediate Truggy DNS
  • Michael Clark Open Buggy 5th Open Truggy 11th
  • Bryan Catrina Open Truggy 15th
  • Dan Henn Open Buggy 13th
  • Jason Pittack Open Buggy 9th
  • Tanner Hagler Pro Buggy 15th Pro Truggy 9th
  • Hunter Kinsey Pro Buggy 12th



Source: RC Pro



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