Robitronic LiPo Glowstarter


Robitronic have this new LiPo Glowstarter with charger. Featuring a lightweight design and a perfect fit, it has enough power for more than one race weekend. The LED also shows the condition of the plug.



  • Integrated high-tech regulator with an output voltage of 1,5V.
  • Low heat dissipation through low power loss.
  • LED indicator and 2,5mm charging jack.
  • Integrated LiPo 1S 3,7V1200mAh battery (= NiCd/NiMH 1cell 3600mAh)
  • Convenient, economical, pocket-sized starting system.
  • Enough power for a full day.
  • Fits any glow plugs including new 4-cycle plugs.

R06110     LiPo Glowstarter 1S 3,7V-1200mAh


Source: Robitronic



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