Rob’s Mugen MBX6 – Introduction


I started racing in late 2008 after a friend introduced me back into the wonderful world of RC, this is my latest ride.

This is my second MBX6 after I was lucky enough to get one of the original kits, the current car has the lightened outdrives and axles and aluminium upper arm holder. The build is painless as any MBX6 owner will tell you. The car itself is easy to drive with the kit setup and it’s strong…very strong – I crash a fair bit but the car takes it!


I have had some good results with this car recently at SRS Kent on the 27th June 2010 where I qualified 4th in the B. Stay tuned for monthly updates on how I am bonding with my new wagon…

Rob’s Mugen MBX6

  • Car:     Mugen MBX6
  • Radio: KO Propo Vantage III Universe
  • Receiver:  KO Propo KR-302F
  • Servo:  Savox SC-1258TG x2
  • Motor:  Ninja JX21-B01A
  • Exhaust: JP4
  • Battery:  LRP 1600 LiFe
  • Bodyshell: JConcepts Illuzion
  • Wing: JConcepts


Front Suspension

  • Oil: 55wt
  • Piston: Standard
  • Spring: 10.0
  • Anti-Roll Bar: 2.3mm
  • Shock Position Mount:   Lowest
  • Shock Position Wishbone:   Outside
  • Kingpin Ball Spacer: 0mm
  • Droop: Maximum
  • Toe: -2 degrees
  • Upper Arm Spacer: 0mm
  • Lower Arm Mount: 0
  • Lower Arm Plate: Lowest Hole
  • Upper Arm Position: Lowest Hole
  • Lower Arm Spacer: 0mm
  • Camber Angle: -5

Rear Suspension

  • Oil:      50wt
  • Piston: Standard
  • Spring: 11.0
  • Shock Position Mount:   Lowest
  • Shock Position Wishbone:  Outside
  • Wheelbase: Short
  • Toe In: 2.5
  • Anti-Squat:  0
  • Droop: Maximum
  • Upper Arm Position: Centre
  • Upright pin Position: Lowest
  • Anti-Roll Bar: 3.0mm


  • Front Diff: 15k
  • Centre Diff: 15k
  • Rear diff: 10k
  • Overdriven Rear Diff
  • Clutch bell: 14t
  • Spur Gear: 46t
  • Clutch: 3 x 0.9mm springs and 3 x Aluminium Clutch shoes


  • Front: JConcepts Crowbar
  • Rear: JConcepts Crossbow


Thanks to everyone who assists me with my racing including:

  • Models In Motion
  • Spire Model Distribution
  • JConcepts
  • JabGraphix
  • Ultimate
  • DXR



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