RPM Shock Body & Cap Wrenches For Traxxas


One of the first notable products created early in RPM’s history was some very unique shock body and cap wrenches. These tools were a must-have in the toolbox if you maintain your shocks. With Traxxas becoming a prevalent manufacturer at the racetrack, it only makes sense that these awesome tools should be made available for the Traxxas line of 1:10 scale shocks as well.

RPM Shock Body and Cap Wrenches are moulded from one of their secret blends of nylons, making them a perfect choice to keep those expensive aluminium (or soft plastic) shocks from getting scuffed up from metal tools. The Body Wrench slips effortlessly over the body of the shock while the hex (or flats) of the shock body seats in an upper recess. The Cap Wrench then slips over the shock cap and with a simple twist of the wrist, the cap easily unscrews off of the shock body. No extra tools required and virtually no possibility of scuffing up or damaging the body or shock cap.


RPM Shock Body and Cap Wrenches are also colour-coded blue for easy identification, just in case you happen to have any of our other shock body and cap wrenches in your toolbox.

Tech Notes: RPM Shock Body and Cap Wrenches are designed for use on most 1:10 scale Traxxas shocks including the aluminium “Big Bore” versions. However, they will not work with Traxxas Revo or Jato shocks.

#80765    Shock Body & Cap Wrenches for Traxxas 1:10 Scale Shocks    SRP: $5.95


Source: RPM RC Products



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