Savox LiPo Compatible Metal Geared Digital Servos


Building on the performance and popularity of their existing line of performance servos, Savox have introduced their new ‘High Voltage’ servos that can be powered straight off the battery, eliminating the need for a voltage regulator!

These servos feature an all new motor and controller, they use virtual ‘bulletproof’ all steel gear set.

Suitable for 1:8 nitro racing and large scale aircraft.


  • No Regulator needed
  • Higher performance due to voltage and motor improvements
  • Faster response
  • More torque
  • Greater transit speed
  • Greater efficiency
  • Improved water protection with 4 silicon seal implanted
  • Strong and precise-made steel gears



  • Dimensions: L:48.0 x W:20.0 x H:37.2mm
  • Weight (g): 62.0
  • Speed (Sec/60): 0.095@7.4v
  • Torque (Kg-CM): 21kg@7.4v



  • Dimensions: L:48.0 x W:20.0 x H:37.2mm
  • Weight (g): 62.0
  • Speed (Sec/60): 0.11@7.4v
  • Torque (Kg-CM): 26kg@7.4v

Boots Wins With New Savox 7.4v Servos

Team Savox driver Elliott Boots took victory in the Mugen Nitrocross Cup in Germany using the brand new HV Savox servos.

Elliott had the confidence to put these new servos directly into his car, with no Lipo regulator and went on to dominate the event commenting that the servos performed faultlessly despite the searing hot  temperatures, and was delighted with their consistency, speed and accuracy.


Source: CML Distribution



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