Speed Passion Silver Arrow V2.0 ESC And Combo Set


Silver Arrow V2.0 ESC

Part Number :  1816801V2

Direct Link: http://www.speedpassion.net/en/productDetails.asp?p=160


All new and redesigned from the ground up, the Silver Arrow II 1:8 ESC can handle the punishment and harsh conditions of any 1:8 scale on or off road application.

The compact low profile design with no external capacitor is a breeze to fit your buggy or truggy, and the integrated hard anodised heatsink keeps the Silver Arrow II cool under the toughest racing pressure.

The Silver Arrow II runs any sensored or sensorless motor with the smoothest feel you’ll ever experience in brushless 8th racing.

  • Footprint: L 45 , W 58 , H 30 mm
  • Support up to 4 cell LiPo with 3000KV motor.
  • Support both sensor and sensor less motor



Silver Arrow V2.0 ESC + 1:8 Cirtix 2200KV Motor

Part Number :  1816801V2M22

Direct Link: http://www.speedpassion.net/en/productDetails.asp?p=163

The combo set adds the 1:8 Cirtix 2200KV Motor, part of the range that includes the revolutionary Cirtix series of 1:10 and 1:8 scale slotless sensored brushless motors. Bridging the gap between the raw power and high efficiency of a slotless motor design, and the zero cogging smooth low end of a sensored system. The best of both worlds is now here for any mod 1:10 off or on-road vehicle, or 1:8 buggy and truggy.

The Cirtix motor series features all the incredible power and efficiency of a slotless motor design, which means more power, longer runtime and less motor heat in any mod 1:10 application, as well as stronger and smoother braking. These efficiency gains no longer have to come at the expense of common sensorless ESC cogging at startup and low speeds, as the Cirtix motors (inspired by Speed Passion R&D Team) are the first slotless motors compatible with any sensored ESC!

When combined with Speed Passion’s newly redesigned sensored 1:8 scale ESC, the Cirtix 1:8 scale motors provide all the brutal horsepower needed in any 1:8 scale application, as well as the accuracy and control of a cog-free sensored system.

Both of these new motor lines are built to ROAR legal specs.


Source: Speed Passion



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