TCS In Battle Grounds 2


1st Place TCS Driver Mike Rosenthal (Rockshow)

Battle Grounds 2 2010 was a great hit with over 90 driver’s battling it out for a spot in USRCCA Nationals. After the dust settled it saw TCS’s very own Mike Rosenthal (Rockshow) in first place and Joe DuRard (Joebruiser) in second place.


2nd Place TCS Driver Joe DuRard (Joebruiser)

While spotting for another driver Mike Rosenthal took a spill and dislocated two of his finger’s but quickly popped them back into place and was still able to pull a first place finish.


Rockshow’s state of the art finger splint….

Congrats to Mike, and Joe and the rest of Team TCS at Battle Grounds.


Battle Grounds 2010 Top 5 2.2 Driver’s


Source: TCS Crawlers



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