Team Epic Replacement Stators For Duo2 Brushless Motors


Now available from Team Epic are the assembled stator assemblies for their Duo2 Spec motors. Easy to replace. No more thrown out motors. Now you can have a few of the same stators for track tuning with your best gaussed rotor. In case of a speed control or over gearing induced stator failure you can rebuild your motor instead of throwing it away.

  • TEP1000S 10.5 Turn Duo2 Stator
  • TEP1001S 13.5 Turn Duo2 Stator
  • TEP1002S 17.5 Turn Duo2 Stator
  • TEP1003S 21.5 Turn Duo2 Stator
  • All MSRP: $69.99
  • Available Late June


Source: Team Epic



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