Team Orion Advantage IQ240 Charger


The Advantage IQ240 charger is compact, easy to use and best of all it is powered directly of a mains power outlet. The charger also automatically balances your batteries, improving performance and safety!

The Advantage IQ240 charger can be used with an input voltage of 110 to 240VAC. This means that it can be powered by mains power outlets anywhere in the world. Three versions are available with different power cords (EU, UK and USA). The Advantage IQ240 charges 2S and 3S LiPo batteries with up to 700mA and thanks to the integrated balancer, it delivers precise and safe charging. The compact size makes this charger ideal for travelling. This charger is ideal for Team Orion Rocket Packs LiPo and Avionics LiPo up to 4000mAh. They also offer a special combo for the Kyosho Airium, which includes an Avionics 450mAh 7.4V 30C LiPo battery.

The IQ240 is available in 3 different versions, with EU, UK or US type plug



  • Microprocessor controlled charger for LiPo
  • Uses mains power, 110-240V
  • Up to 700mA charge current
  • Integrated Balancer
  • Fully automatic CC/CV charge
  • Robust case
  • 3 LED charge status display
  • Compact site
  • Power cord included


Technical Specifications

  • Input voltage: 110-240VAC
  • Cell type: LiPo, 2 or 3 cells
  • Charge current : Up to 700mA
  • Battery connector : JST-XH balancing connector
  • Balancer : Integrated
  • Dimensions : 34x58x92mm
  • Weight : 108g
  • Part Numbers: ORI30147 (EU), ORI30148 (UK), ORI30149 (USA)

Combo with LiPo battery or Kyosho Airium aircraft, IQ240 Combo w/Avionics LiPo 450mAh 74V (30C)

  • ORI30151 with EU connector
  • ORI30152 with UK connector


Source: Team Orion



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