Tedeschi And Serpent Take 1:8 EC-B In Monaco


Tedeschi with the Serpent 966 haswon the 2010 EFRA EC-B Championship in Monaco. Ermen  also driving a 966 from Holland finished in 2nd 3/4 lap behind Tedeshi, with Ciurlante in 3rd.  Ermen was later disqualified though due to fuel tank irregularity, which made Ciurlante 2nd and Lorenzi with a Serpent 966/Max combination in 3rd.


Wood also had a strong race, but a loose servo-arm on the steering blew his chances. As Wood was on a singe tyre stop strategy and all others on 2, this would have given him very good chance to win this race too.


Colinet with 966 raced a good final and ended in nice 5th position while Serpent’s Sabrina Lechner made it to the main final all the way from the 1/4 finals, driving a super race and taking 8th in the end.


Final results

  • 1. Tedeschi Alberto, Serpent 966/max (IT) – 178 Laps in 45:01.465
  • 2. Ciurlante Andrea (IT) – 175 Laps in 45:01.957
  • 3. Lorenzi Andrea, Serpent 966/max (IT) – 175 Laps in 45:05.047
  • 4. Comoglio Emanuele (MON) – 174 Laps in 45:01.711
  • 5. Colinet Gerald, Serpent 966/RB (FR) – 170 Laps in 45:12.225
  • 6. Wood Tim, Serpent 966/megaDS4 (GB) – 165 Laps in 45:00.588
  • 7. Federmann Maximilian (GER) – 159 Laps in 42:14.535
  • 8. Lechner Sabrina, Serpent 966/max (GER) – 118 Laps in 45:08.517
  • 9. Kurzbuch Simon (CH) – 97 Laps in 34:27.166
  • 10.Ermen John, Serpent 966/RB (NL) – DQ


It was a great event for Serpent. As Michael Salven reported fromm Monaco, the atmosphere in the Serpent Team was very good, and co-operation excellent. Serpent drivers were happy with suppport and performance of the cars. By taking TQ, having 6 Serpent 966’s in the final, and 2 on the podium, including the great win of Tedeschi, it was a super result.


The combination of a well performing 966 car, great team-work and excellent driving, creates this super result. Congratulations to Tedeschi  from Italy. Serpent Europe, in close co-operation with RB Products and Lechner RC race-shop, performed an excellent support job, so special thanks to the Lechner family.  Big thanks also to the Monca RC Racing Club who hosted this event and made it a memorable race.

All results can be found at www.myrcm.ch

Thanks from Serpent to Sander and redrc.net for images.


Source: Serpent



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